Gift Ideas: For HIM

I know I’m not alone in wondering why men are the hardest people to buy for EVER. Their impulsive nature seems to lead them to buy whatever they need right that second, making gift-giving that much harder. I have one of these types in my life, but fortunately with some practice and research I’ve managed to come up with some pretty memorable gifts thus far. Here are my top unique gift ideas for that special man in your life.

1. For The Adventurer:
The GoPro Hero4 is the ultimate gift for those outdoorsy, adventuresome men. My honey has one and has used it during wake boarding, boating, dirt biking, scuba diving, and countless other activities. It takes extremely high quality photos and videos, and with tons of other features and accessories, it makes for a guaranteed hit.

2. For the Techie:
This cell phone case is stylish yet masculine, and a bonus… for every case sold, the company plants a tree! Get yours at your local Chapters/Indigo store.

3. For the Whiskey Lover:
This whiskey-stone set from Crate & Barrel is perfect for the whiskey connoisseur in your life. Chill the stones in the freezer and place in his favourite whiskey. Keeps drinks cool without watering them down!

stones4. For the Businessman:
Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling up your Business + Website by Matt Blumberg is an excellent guide for anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship. Blumberg covers every business-related topic you could imagine, and the sections aren’t daunting- making this a perfect and practical gift. ceo

5. For the Foodie:
The American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes from Your Favourite Brewpubs and Breweries by John Holl is sure to impress the food/beer lover in your life. With recipes ranging from breakfast to dessert, this cookbook pairs the best pub-style recipes with the drinks that best compliment them.
beer6. For ANY man:
Although most men are notorious for that tough-guy persona, their feet get cold too (they just don’t like to admit it). Answer their unspoken wishes with this pair of Herringbone faux shearling slippers. Comfy, stylish, and oh-so-masculine. 

Hope this gave you some great ideas- only 11 days until Christmas, happy shopping!



My Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

I love so many things about winter. Waking up to the first snowfall, baking cookies, shopping for my loved ones, snowy trail rides on my horses, and cuddling up to a Christmas movie with my honey. However, one of my favourite things about winter will always be the cute and cozy outfits I finally have an excuse to wear! Here are my wardrobe must-haves for crafting that perfect winter outfit.

  1. Chunky, oversized knits. There is no better way to stay warm (as well as effortlessly stylish) than with a big, comfy, knit sweater. The varieties, colours, and styles are endless, so stock up!ww1
  2.  Leather leggings. Although leggings are my go-to on the daily in the winter months, leather leggings are a perfect option for being warm, but also a little sexy. I wear mine with combat boots and casual sweaters for a daytime look, and with heeled booties and a low top for a dressier evening out. ww2
  3. Stylish, yet weather-proof boots. There is nothing worse than walking around with cold, wet feet. Find a boot that is water-proof and insulated yet still fashionable, like these Ugg boots I purchased a few years ago. They were an investment, but they have kept my feet warm and dry to-date! ww4
  4. A cute, patterned coat. Nothing says winter like a soft, feminine coat with some sort of pattern. I am in love with this coat I picked up from Anthropologie, as it’s perfect for running errands etc. without overheating.ww3
  5. A great, knit toque. I have collected quite the collection of winter hats over the years. They are perfect for keeping frozen ears warm, look cute with any outfit, and MOST importantly, for hiding a bad hair day!
  6. Over-the-knee boots. One of the biggest trends this fall/winter are thigh-high boots. Flat ones are perfect for during the day, and heeled ones make for a super sexy evening look. Pair with leather leggings and your outfit will be unstoppable.

ww67.   A blingy, statement piece. With Christmas parties and dinners galore, winter is the perfect time to bring out a big and glittery statement piece of jewelry. I like pairing a statement necklace with my knits to add a little interest to my outfits.ww78.   A clear, dewy complexion. We all know how harsh the winter months can be on our hair, skin, and nails. Avoid dry, itchy skin with a great moisturizer (like this one by Aveeno) to be confident in your complexion all winter long.ww8

What are your winter wardrobe must-haves? Comment and share with me!









On Best Friends

If you have never referred to anyone as your best friend, then I truly feel sorry for you. Best friends are the ones who have our backs no matter what. They are our listening ears, our shoulders to cry on, and our partners in crime. My best friend and I are going on twenty years strong. We were introduced as toddlers, and have been inseparable ever since. We’ve been there for each other through divorce, diets, heartbreak, triumph, laughter, tears, sobriety, and the kind of drunk we hope to leave behind in our teenage years, but can never seem to manage. Here are my top 10 reasons that having a best friend is simply, the best!

  1. You can say and do anything/everything around your best friend without fear of judgement (mostly because you have an equal amount of dirt on them).
  2. Best friends are your ideal eating buddies. My best friend and I’s favourite activity is going out for food. Sometimes this consists of classy dinners on patios, but usually it means getting post-bar poutine and finding it all over the neighbourhood the next morning.
  3. You know where everything is in their house. I have a long-standing habit of heading straight to the fridge in my best friend’s house, although it’s also useful knowing where she hides her nail polish stash and phone charger.
  4. Their family becomes your family. I have been calling my best friend’s Dad my “Uncle” since I learned how to talk, and forcing her sister to hang out with me *almost* fills the void caused by our long-distance relationship. They also buy you gifts which is GREAT.
  5. You gain a second wardrobe. My best friend and I have been sharing clothes since childhood. We have the same taste, which is wonderful when buying birthday/Christmas gifts, as I’ll get to borrow it later on.
  6. There is no better person to go on trips with than your best friend. From cottages to ski trips to countryside English houses, my best friend and I have been on quite the adventures. Even the disastrous ones, we have always managed to laugh our way through.
  7. There is no one that hates the guy that broke your heart more than your best friend. Lord knows mine has listened to me blubbering on about some jerk or another, and attempting to decode texts for years now.
  8. There is no one happier for you when you find true love, than your best friend. Somehow all of those “bad boy” assholes made me deserving of the wonderful man I have in my life now. And my best friend reads all of my sappy screenshots and stories without complaint.
  9. Best friends make the best people-watching companions. I cannot begin to count the number of times my best friend and I have sat on a patio somewhere, and burst out laughing because of some unspoken and in-sync thought about a passerby.
  10. Distance and time don’t weaken true friendships. Even though we live on different ends of the country, my best friend and I always pick up right where we left off. I know that she will be the maid of honour at my wedding, the decorator of my first home, and the one who I am still getting drunken poutine with at age 60.
    Can you and your best friend relate to any of these? Leave a comment sharing your favourite memories and things about your best friend!